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[Tutorial] How to bypass iCloud lock iOS 13.5/ iOS 14 and RE-ASSIGN device to YOUR OWN ID.

How to bypass iCloud lock iOS 13.5

When an iPhone or iPad has been lost, the iCloud Activation Lock can be a good safeguard against your device’s information from being stolen. However, it can also prevent anyone looking to return the device from accessing account information that could them return the device. This bypassappleid shows you how to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on an iPhone or iPad. I’m not responsible for any bricked and broken devices, this is at your own risk.

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How to bypass iCloud lock iOS 13.5

This is done on a iPhone 7 ruining iOS 13.5. Hi guys, I managed to get everything working on a iCloud locked device!

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  1. Firstly, I used checkra1n to jailbreak my iCloud locked iPhone 7. Which rebooted to the same ‘hello’ screen.
  2. Open mac terminal and type:
  3. bash <(curl -s

This will install dependnecies and you may need to paste the command again to start the tool.

This by itself will work to bypass iCloud activation lock, however many features will not work such as the App store, Apple music, iCloud features, cellular mobile data/phone calls etc.

This is where I figure out to how assign the iCloud lock device to your own Apple ID/iCloud: iOS 13.5

This will literally make the phone assign to your Apple ID, and allow you to use all the features.

  1. Now after running that command, you will be at the homescreen, go to the iPhone settings and press on the top of settings where it says ‘Sign in to your iPhone”.
  2. Press “Don’t have an Apple ID”
  3. Then press “Create Apple ID”‘
  4. Follow the steps to set up a new apple ID.
  5. This will automatically log you in. (which should fix the problem others are having)

Now the phone is assign to the temporary account you have just make, and is iCloud locked to this account.

  1. Then I opened checkra1n app on the iPhone 7 and pressed “restore”, which removes the jailbreak.
  2. Next I went to the iPhone settings and signed out the temporary account.
  3. I also turned off my passcode and restore my iPhone 7 using iTunes (in my case it also updated to iOS 13.5/ iOS 14/ 14.0.1/ 14.0.2 not sure if this a important point as I can’t test other devices, let me know if this is working for you)

The phone rebooted and it was as if it was brand new. I signed into my real personal account and everything is working!

The phone is link to my own personal Apple iD, everything is working normally. You also now optionally rejailbreak using checkra1n, and also install apps from the Appstore etc. Let me know how it works out for you if you do it.

[Tutorial] How to bypass iCloud lock iOS 13.5/ iOS 14 Using DNS Bypass

How to DNS bypass iCloud lock iOS 13.5
  1. Reboot your iPhone or iPad. You’ll need to do this to access the setup menu, which is where you’ll find the menu for inputting DNS bypass.
  2. Select your country and language. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be direct to the Wi-Fi menu.
  3. Tap the i button next to the network you want to connect to. This pulls up a new window with more information on the network.
  4. Scroll down to the DNS section and enter the IP addresses. Once you’ve found this section, type these IP addresses into the field: 154.51.7 (North America), 155.28.90 (Europe), 155.220.58 (Asia), or 109.17.60 (rest of the world).[2]
  5. Tap the Back > button. This will take you back to the Wi-Fi menu.
  6. Tap on your Wi-Fi network and enter the password. Once you’re done, tap the Join button in the top-right corner.
  7. Tap the Back > button in the top-right. This will direct you back to the Wi-Fi page.
  8. Tap the Back > button again. Once you connect to your Wi-Fi network, the iOS device will try activating. You’ll need to press the Back button again to stop it from activating. Once you do this, you should see at the top of the page.
  9. Tap on the iCloudDNSBypass menu. From here, you can access apps that would help with identifying the user of the iPhone or iPad and figure out how to return or reconfigure the device.

I was able to successfully create a new Apple ID on my bypass device and was sign in, but after I log out I reset the device but it ask me for the ORIGINAL Apple ID that was log in. Not sure but some people seem to be getting g very lucky if this actually works. Fortunately the device in question can be downgrad to iOS 14 and it should be easier to remove from there. In theory that is funny. Also trying to restore from checkra1n is giving a “restore error:general”

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